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Greenfield Pet Sitters

Jeff Butts, Owner, Greenfield Pet Sitter

Jeff Butts, Owner, Greenfield Pet Sitter

Whether it’s a family vacation, business trip, late night out or a potty break for your dog or puppy.  The Greenfield Pet sitter guarantees your satisfaction or your next pet sit is free!

Would you like a free 30 minute consultation?

Call Jeff at 317.586.2804 or Email – info@greenfieldpetsitters.com

What happens next?

  • Jeff comes to visit and meets your pets.
  • We discuss your pets needs and sign a service contract. You should have two keys ready for Jeff. (Two because it’s better to be safe than sorry.)
  • Jeff keeps your keys in a key safe and the keys are coded so your name and address are not revealed.
  • If you require Jeff to return for key pick up there is a one visit charge for this additional time.



$15 per visit when location is within 30 minutes

Additional fees may apply depending on any special needs and location. Please see list of basic services included with $15 fee.

I strongly suggest three visits per day for families with dogs and one visit per day for families with cats or small animals.

No limit on number of pets or type of pets

Each visit includes:

  • daily health check of your pet(s)
  • daily text message update (if desired)
  • clean water and fresh food
  • administer medication if needed
  • playtime
  • walk
  • petting
  • bring in mail, packages, etc.
  • check that home is secure
  • clean up accidents
  • clean up after pet in yard
  • Water Plants
  • Take Out Trash
  • Seek Emergency Care for your Pets



Word of mouth is our best advertising recommend us to your friends and family and get $5 off your next pet sitting service when new service is booked.



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